Make your Sustainable Packaging SMART — BONUS Article!

Adam Peek
2 min readFeb 5, 2021


The first time I met Camille Corr Chism was through LinkedIn and since then we have been able to connect up and talk packaging a ton. She was a guest on The People of Packaging Podcast, we share virtual happy hours through the IOPP, and many phone conversations about sustainable packaging.

I had reached out to her to help with this series because, in the words of Fred Schwarz, if Camille doesn’t know something about packaging, then it probably doesn’t exist! Basically, every time I talk with her, I think…

Here’s what she had to say about sustainable packaging development when I asked her:

1 — What does sustainability mean to you? Is there one important element or do you use a combination of factors such as: reduction, reuse, recycling, upcycling, material selection, carbon footprint, etc.?

2 — How committed are you to sustainability? Here are some points to consider:

•Willingness to pay a premium, if the packaging meets your requirements

• How much of an impact on consumer convenience will the packaging have? Is that acceptable to you?

• Is there reluctance among the customer base to change habits?

• Is the sustainability initiative influenced by image and perception?

3 — Last but not least, an expert must be part of your launch team that will do the heavy lifting when it comes to packaging (no pun intended). A packaging expert will navigate a system that can be unclear and complicated, saving your company time and money while you focus on your product.

Make SURE you connect with Camille over on LinkedIn and hire her as a consultant. She’s worth it, y’all!

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