My next chapter

  1. No, I’m not moving. We love Utah and are planning on raising our 5 kids here!
  2. Revenue Operations is a new term to packaging and printing, but has been around the tech world for awhile now. I’ll be helping to find best practices from other industries to implement where it makes sense for us at Meyers. Along with that, I’ll be a member of the Executive team to help offer my perspective on decisions and continue to help Meyers customers navigate the changing landscapes of innovation and sustainability.
  3. Yes, you silly goose, I’m super stoked! I get to wake up every day asking and answering the question, “How can I help support other people to hit their goals and achieve what they want to achieve?” Who wouldn’t love that?!?
  4. Of course I’ll keep creating content for the industry! I love packaging too much to stop helping drive our industry forward and Meyers wants to be part of the positive momentum and change.
  5. The podcast isn’t going away. I’ll still be here and on LinkedIn. My cell phone number isn’t changing.



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Adam Peek

Adam Peek


I help food, beverage, direct sales, personal care, and CBD/Cannabis companies use labeling and flexible packaging to sustainably sell products