Why hybrid label printing is awesome

Adam Peek
2 min readMay 18, 2021

I’ve had the privilege of working with hybrid label printing solutions for a few years now and continue to be impressed by the advances and capabilities of this technology. So what is hybrid label printing?

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A hybrid press combines advantages of both flexographic and digital printing to create a peanut butter and chocolate combination of joy. Most of the presses use an inkjet digital on a flexo platform so the digital prints can be done faster than standard toner presses and the flexo jobs can run with variable images or digital registration inline.

They are great for companies who are concerned about color consistency, cost savings, and maintaining low minimum order quantities to keep inventory low….does this sound like your company? Probably, because every company wants these things!

From the Domino Digital site:

So why don’t we see more of these presses around?

For one, ink jet digital print vs toner based isn’t for every brand. It still has limitations on what it can really nail from an artwork standpoint.

For two, the presses aren’t that prevalent in the US yet, so there’s real concern around supply chain risk if a press goes down.

For three, some companies have artwork requiring 8–10 spot colors and don’t want the raised feel of the ink jet inks because they aren’t consistent with their other brands.

In a nutshell, the new hybrid label presses coming out from Domino and Mark Andy have real power to help brands and companies lower costs, maintain colors, provide brand protection, and give a POP on shelf.

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