Why I finally decided to leave outside sales

  1. I have travelled to Hong Kong, China, and all over the US learning about and supporting my customers and prospects
  2. Sat in the end zone of Packers game in December and experienced the Lambeau leap
  3. Watch Hamilton on Broadway
  4. Experienced brands who started off as small companies with big ideas turn into bigger brands with world changing ideas
  5. Met so many people who I consider dear and close friends
  6. Gave a TEDx talk
  7. Got introduced to amazing sales trainers like Keenan and Rob Jeppsen
  8. Learned about corrugated boxes, stretch film, box tape, folding cartons, flexible packaging, pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeves, store signage, RFID/NFC, rigid set up boxes, litho laminated corrugated, cut and stack labels, expanded content labels, and probably more that I have forgotten
  9. Worked with some incredible companies like Amazon, Young Living, Younique, Reckitt Benckiser, Costco, Walmart, 1908 Brands, Elevation Labs, Coca-Cola, JBS, Pressery, Bona, and likely a dozen more that I can’t remember right now!
  10. Finally, I have grown as a husband, father, and friend because of this job
  • Finish up my eMBA through Quantic with a concentration in Supply Chain and Blockchain
  • Complete my Gap Selling Trainer certification
  • Finish writing a children’s book on Packaging
  • Wrap up recording a course for The Packaging School
  • Speak at Luxepack
  • Do a learn share webinar with Adept Packaging
  • Grow my YouTube Channel (Packaging is Awesome…you should subscribe!)
  • Continue to crank out episodes of the People of Packaging Podcast
  • Do some sustainable packaging and sales consulting work — you can schedule a consultation at www.adampeek.com
  • Figure out what I want to do when I grow up
  • Take a vacation with my wife
  • Be present with my kids
  • Read a few books (Cracking the Sales Management Code, Great at Work)



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Adam Peek

Adam Peek

I help food, beverage, direct sales, personal care, and CBD/Cannabis companies use labeling and flexible packaging to sustainably sell products